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Hyper-pigmentation KIT - Professional Clinical Line 4 STEP System. 

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RADIANCE Cleanser 

Product Description: Replenish lost moisture with this gentle cleanser that
refreshes as it cleans, leaving skin feeling firmer and looking more
vibrant. Infused with potent anti oxidants and fruit oils that nourish
depleted skin making it more radiance and balanced.

Product Description: This freshening toner invigorates skin by providing
moisture that hydrates and revitalizes. Infused with anti-oxidants and
nourishing Fruit Oils, this daily use tonic resets to an ideal pH. Skin
texture will seem more soothe and supple, even the most moisture deficient.


Product Description: This Serum is a unique pigment
illuminating serum that supports a natural balancing of skin tone. An
intensive blend of Arbutin, Kojic, Salicylic, Azelaic and Fruit Acids
synergistically clarify and illuminate areas of unbalanced clarity. Super
anti-oxidant Ferulic Acid and peptide stabilized Vitamin C resist free
radicals while boosting collagen synthesis.


Product Description: Enjoy the radiance enhancing properties of this
lightweight daily use creme that optimizes and balances skin tone and
texture. A powerful cocktail of Azelaic and Kojic Acid, Vitamin C,
Niacinamide and revitalizing Peptides target hyperpigmentation and lack of
vitality which can result from a number of external factors. A superb
nutrient-rich complex of natural source humectants offer hydration retaining
benefits which help to nourish and guard against environmental aggression.

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