No. 7 Facial Serum

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This serum is the ultimate experience! From the moment you pump the serum into your fingertips, you will be transported into the elegance of an exquisite French garden.  The scent immediately relaxes your mind and soul while the cold pressed extracts give you an immediate glow.  Sourced from the highest quality natural extracts, ingredients such as absolute jasmine, rose absolute, organic lemon are suspended in a Vitamin C - Niacinamide serum that you have to experience to believe.  

We call this product our instant glow, because that is precisely what it does to your skin.  We recommend this as an evening (after sunset) serum, it's that perfect secret weapon to ensure you are glowing for that dinner, cocktail party or important event! It also nourishes and repairs your skin all night long.  

Does your skin need some love and that amazing glow? 

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