Custom Moisturizer

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Have you ever wanted a moisturizer that works for your unique skin? Do you have a particular concern or problem area you want addressed?  DIRMA Skincare Pharmacists, all who hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and have expertise in dermatology pharmacy can create the perfect moisturizer that is formulated to your unique needs. You have unique skin chemistry, unique genes, your preferred diet, unique biology, which is why your moisturizer should be unique to you. Unlike big box stores or off the shelf products, DIRMA custom products are made specifically for you.  

Why You Should Buy Custom DIRMA:

  • The formulation is unique to YOU, so you get personalized skincare products
  • Absolutely NO Parabens or harsh chemicals
  • All Natural, High Quality and Organic ingredients are used
  • Exotic, rare and extremely effective botanicals are infused 
  • Small batch, custom compounding by Doctors of Pharmacy 
  • Fully customized to your skincare goals and needs, no one formulation is the same! 
  • Easy to re-order your formula from us as we save your formula for future orders