We are happy to introduce client JESSICA CASUCCI.

Jessica Casucci is a 43 year old native New Yorker, currently residing in sunny Miami. Jessica leads a healthy life style, embracing  yoga, travel, music and dancing.

I started using DIRMA about four months ago while I was still under high stress at my job, and dealing with everyday city pollution wreaking havoc on my skin. Within a few weeks, friends started asking me what I had been doing differently, and all I could say was DIRMA. Even now, with me being in the sun and at the beach a lot, my skin looks fantastic. I only put on SPF after I use the Advanced Cleanser, Advanced Tonic, and Advanced Serum, and I am ready for my day. My skin feels moisturized, light, and fresh which is great for the steamy Miami nights! At night I only add the No. 9 Facial Oil and I am ready for a restful sleep. The products even smell so nice and relaxing. And the Advanced Moisturizer is great for those extra dry days when you are traveling or had a rough night of sleep.