DIRMA Professional Line

The DIRMA Professional Line is available only through DIRMA Certified Estheticians and inside DIRMA Facial SPA locations.  This line of products is focused on helping the skin repair and regenerate: reducing oxidative stress and enhancing elasticity, volume and hydration.  We have many professional products and customize protocols based on client needs, below is a example of the DIRMA regimen. Note: there are other protocols like DIRMA PURE and DIRMA ADVANCED.  Please speak to a DIRMA esthetician for more information.  


DIRMA Cleanser

Restore vibrancy to moisture-deficient skin with this gentle, mild daily use cleanser. Infused with soothing botanical extracts and nourishing plant oils skin will feel smoother and more supple. Glycerin and Coconut emollients nourish and hydrate skin, protecting the delicate moisture balance of the skin.


• Soothes sensitive skin, relieves dryness and flakiness and adds essential nutrients.
• Carrot Seed Oil is rich in beta
-carotene as well as Vitamins B, C, D. Its regenerative properties help revitalize dull, tired, dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin.
• Phyto Hyaluronic acid is a plant based humectant that has incredible moisturizing effects on the skin. When applied to the skin, it forms a water binding barrier that allows moisture to be retained in the intercellular matrix of the skin.



Rapidly improve skin radiance and tone for superior hydrated and good-looking skin with this alcohol-free toner. Infused with flavonoid and saponin-rich botanicals, humectants, anti- oxidants and deep thermal algae which protect cutaneous cells from damage induced by polluted environments, your skin will experience a surge in nourishment beneficial to skin vitality.


• Recommended as part of a daily skin care program for all skin types.
• Tap water/hard water leaves mineral deposits on the skin, which can cause skin to feel tight, dry and flaky. This often causes clients to believe their skin is drier that it in fact is; as a result, they may over moisturize which can cause congestion and even sagging. Toner removes this mineral residue and prepares skin for the proper protective treatment.
• Orange Oil encourages moisture retention while Jasmine Oil and Cucumber Extract provide soothing and healing properties.


DIRMA Moisturizer

Enjoy this superfruit anti-oxidant rich creme that contains age defying peptides and skin conditioning agents. Recommended for most skin types, this lightweight moisturizer helps to firm the dermal scaffold, stimulate collagen synthesis and boost resilience.

Feature Ingredients:

• Sculptessence - Purified polyholosides derived from linseed. It offers skin stability and remodeling benefits.
• Phloretin - A powerful anti-oxidant.
• Kakadu Plum Extract - provides powerful antioxidant/free radical scavenging support and protection from the effects of UV exposure.

• Fision Instant Lift - boosts elasticity, firmness and radiance.
• Corum Peptide 8813 is a lipopeptide that stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis and strengthens connective tissue.



Enjoy an intensive burst of hydration with this lightweight leave-on treatment that locks in moisture and nutrients while you sleep or anytime you need a boost. High and low molecular weight proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, release nourishment deep into the dermal layer restoring skin’s optimal water supply. An anti-oxidant blend of Green Tea, Asafetida, Vitamin C and E enhance resilience leaving skin feeling smoother, softer, and more supple.


• Ultra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - Studies indicate low weight HA offers better penetration than larger sized HA. Accordingly low HA influences the expression of many genes including those contributing to keratinocyte differentiation and formation of intercellular tight junction. The increased activity at decreasing molecular weight explains the more efficient skin penetration of the smaller HA molecules. Topical application of LMW HA improves skin functioning and provides anti-aging effects.

• NABTM Asafetida Extract - The resulting product exhibits strong in vitro anti-tyrosinase activity, which stops the synthesis of melanin to even skin tone and promote skin lightneing. This can also help alleviate the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
• Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen LMWTM is unique in that it contains low molecular weight (LMW) collagen oligopeptides of marine origine. The amino acid composition of collagen oligopeptides is primarily of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These three amino acids are crucial for the buildup of the collagen fibers, providing skin with optimal hydration and firmness.


Litchi Bliss

A lightweight gel ideal for use by those with eruptive, oily or problem skin. Vital oil balancing nutrients are delivered to the skin in a soothing gel that absorbs quickly. Excess sebum seems to disappear, minimizing shine and oily appearance. Retinyl Palmitate and Salicylic Acid gently slough off dead skin cells revealing a brighter complexion. Litchi Bliss can be used daily as a moisturizer or as a spot treatment targeting stubborn blemishes.


• Can be recommended as a night spot treatment for skin eruptions on all skin types.
• It is essential to cleanse the skin twice da
ilyonce in the morning and once at bedtime to help prevent clogged pores and reduce breakouts.


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If you want more information about any of these products please e mail us at info@dirmarx.com.