has been a labor of love from the beginning.  The skincare line was created by husband and wife clinical pharmacists, who were dissatisfied with the quality of  the current products available. Having expertise in dermatology and pharmacology, they decided to create a natural luxury skincare line that they could use every day, and feel 100% comfortable recommending to their friends and family. The challenge was to create a line that delivers exceptional results, while still using small batch compounding techniques to ensure that absolutely the highest quality natural ingredients are used in every product. 

With this mission in mind, after an 8-year journey DIRMA Skincare was born. Free of harmful chemicals and made in North America, each product is truly exceptional and delivers results every time. The founders  combined their genuine passion for skincare, interest in natural products, and their knowledge of natural chemistry to bring to life a brand that they felt proud to share with everyone. We at DIRMA are so excited to offer the world truly amazing products that feel great, smell great, and work wonders to ensure a healthy, glowing complexion. 
DIRMA Skincare is managed and run by our fantastic President, Mary Lopez. 


Mary Lopez

President & Managing Partner

"Before I became President of DIRMA Skincare, I was a very loyal client, fortunate to have been using the products since they were first formulated. That is why I am so excited to be able to bring them to you - they are truly exceptional, and have made a huge difference for my skin. Each product has been formulated scientifically, for the best results, and with the purest, safest ingredients." 

Mary Lopez joins DIRMA Skincare after a 10 year career in the performing arts, and a 17 year career in the pharmaceutical industry. She has been appointed President and Managing Partner at DIRMA Skincare, and begins her new role on January 1, 2018. Mary has been a resource for DIRMA from the beginning, providing feedback on formulations, and helping us understand the needs of the customer as we formulated and selected the best products. Mary has decades of experience  personally in natural and luxury skincare, healthy and organic living, and is passionate about high quality skincare products. Having tried many high end products first hand, she is truly an expert resource when it comes to understanding the science, as well as what is required for products to deliver results. Her work in the pharmaceutical industry has provided Mary with the leadership experience that is required to manage clinical brands, as well as develop collaborations with some of the leading healthcare institutions in the country. Mary Lopez's passion, background, and expertise were the perfect fit as we searched for a DIRMA President, and a leader who will grow the brand, the company, and bring luxury skincare to the world.  Mary is excited to get to know you and help you on your journey towards beautiful skin! 


 is dedicated to providing you with absolutely   the best in skincare products.  DIRMA products truly meet the needs of all people. Sourced from the highest quality extracts, each product is a unique experience that engages all senses while working scientifically and naturally to nourish the deep layers of the skin.