The DIRMA Boston Facial Suite provides exceptional Facials that are customized to your unique skincare needs. Utilizing high quality products, each Facial experience targets specific cellular mechanisms to deliver results.  Each session begins with a full assessment of your skin, followed by a super relaxing aromatherapy session which leads into a specific DIRMA Facial that is best for your skin care needs.  Each session ends with a custom recommendation for managing your skin and providing you with a customized recommendation.  What sets DIRMA apart from everyone else is our ability to prescribe and create custom formulations just for you!  Our estheticians will tell you the specifics and if we do not have the product that is right for you on hand, they will submit a custom request to our skincare pharmacy team.  

Meet Cory

Cory Anthony Calderon is our first Lead Esthetician at our Boston location. Originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts, Cory is excited to get started in Boston and experience all this city has to offer, including new clients!  He’s an ambitious, people person who loves to learn all about the overall health of the human body. His specialties are holistic skincare and aromatherapy. Cory’s technique is to have his clients reach complete relaxation and comfort of all five senses in order to reach a sixth sense of complete serenity. Not only will he give you an amazing service but he will go above and beyond to set up a home regiment for you, constantly being there for you every step of the way to get the results you desire from a Skincare Professional. Cory’s goal for each client is to give them the confidence in their own unique beauty and stray from insecurities until they are a thing of the past.
DIRMA Facial Menu 
DIRMA Fall Facial 
45 Minutes 
$55 (Limited Availability, Click Here To Book Today to reserve yours)
The beautiful New England leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice is in the air and we want to treat you to a very special facial to prep your skin for the season.  With the change in season, your skin also needs some special ingredients to make it glow this season.  We have a wonderful special we are running that uses ingredients such as a delicious pumpkin mask that infuses the most amazing antioxidants into your skin and serums that will transform the way your skin looks and feels.  For all skin types, this is a treatment your skin will love.
DIRMA Facial
60 minute aromatherapy 
This facial is indicated for all skin types.  The products used in this protocol include active botanical extracts, vitamins, the highest quality antioxidants like Phloretin and Kakadu plum extract which all come together to boost elasticity, firmness and radiance of your skin.  

60 minute aromatherapy 
This facial is indicated for mature skin or skin with problematic pigmentation and photo aged skin.  The products in this protocol are all centered around active natural growth factors, derived from fruit stem cells that will work at the cellular level to help reverse the signs of aging and restore collagen, elasticity and firmness of the skin.  The active ingredients in these products are some of the most powerful that exist in nature.  
60 minutes aromatherapy 
This facial is focused on clarifying skin by utilizing a  anti-acne protocol.  DIRMA Pure products combine anti-acne ingredients along with minerals and vitamins to help clarify the skin and improve complexion.  The advanced ingredients used in these products are very effective and our skincare pharmacists chose ingredients that work together to prevent and target breakouts; while also improving complexion, pigmentation, elasticity and firmness of the skin.  This is a all-in-one anti-acne, anti-aging and anti-oxidant facial.  
30 minutes aromatherapy 
This facial is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging experience for busy people who would like a faster, targeted session that delivers results.  It is targeted to improve complexion, hydrate the skin and to bring out a more radiant, firmer and rejuvenated skin.  
DIRMA MAN Facial     
60 minutes
This facial uses a protocol and products that are most beneficial to the male skin.  Using high quality antioxidants, this facial reduces the effects of photo aging, free radicals and aging.  It uses products that work at the cellular level to help repair and rejuvenate the skin, exposing a healthier, younger look.  
120 minute VIP Treatment 
This Celebrity Facial is absolutely amazing.  Aromatherapy, Gold, Antioxidants are just some of the products used during this fantastic session.  Catering to every single aspect of the face and neck, this treatment uses our most exclusive line of products and allows time for the skin to truly be rejuvenated.  Facial and lymphatic drainage massage technique is applied throughout the treatment.  This is the all-in-one pampering experience! You will walk out and ready for the runway.  

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