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Facial oils and serums are the new "it" products in the skincare industry today.  These oils, however, are not created equal.  Many of the luxury brands on the market can demand over $200 for high efficacy facial oils however even these brands unfortunately have many chemicals loaded in their products and the concentration of the essential oils are not always high.  Pure essential oils are the key and how you blend them together also matters.  Because oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate the deep layers of the skin and nourish, protect and repair.  They are also ideal for acne prone skin because they reduce your skin's oil production, so they can even reduce the size of your pores over time, which is what you want.  One of the key benefits of facial oils is their all day protection.  High quality facial oils absorb quickly and really protect you, skin deep, all day long.  

DIRMA No. 9 is one of the best facial oils in the market and superior to many of the over $200 products.  My mission was really to source the best ingredients, the highest in quality and also make the oil affordable.  No. 9 has some of the highest quality oils: such as neroli, pomegranate, grape seed which clear the skin, improve complexion, reverse the signs of aging; protect, nourish and repair your skin!  What excites me most about this fabulous product is the fact that you need only 2-3 drops and the oil immediately spreads and absorbs, while engaging all of your senses!  It is absolutely a fantastic product and the DIRMA star, which is why it is our flagship product.

Some ways in which you can use No. 9:

  • After a shower, you can apply No. 9 to help prime your skin for makeup
  • Spot treatments for trouble spots, including acne  
  • Nighttime treatment.  In this case 5-6 drops after washing your skin prior to bedtime. 
  • Daily moisturizer.  For many clients, this is all they need for all day moisture, another key differentiator for No. 9 versus competitor products. 
  • Pre-moisturizer.  You can apply 1-2 drops prior to moisturizing and you can boost your moisturizer's effects

This product is also perfect for men, it will improve complexion, protect and repair.   There are so many ways No. 9 can fit into your skincare regimen and in all of these ways, you will love the results


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  • Mary A Lopez

    For years I have used a facial oil as an essential part of my skin care routine. I have tried a huge variety, from the least expensive to the most expensive. DIRMA No. 9 is without a question, the most effective and healing oil I have ever used, and my search for the perfect oil is over. The oil absorbs perfectly, leaving my skin looking dewy, and radiant. I actually feel like my skin is soothed afterwards. It feeds my skin, keeping it smooth and clear. What I love is that the effectiveness has not faded over time. I have found with other oils, that over time I developed a sensitivity to them, or they simply lost effectiveness. I also love the scent, subtle, not overpowering. Thank you for creating such an amazing product.

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